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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop
a long-term relationship with you by providing exceptional customer service and reasonably priced services and products essential to the success of your business.

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Data Communications

With today’s ever-changing technology, Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. is committed to assisting you in finding the right solutions to your Data Communications. We are capable of upgrading your exisiting equipment, as well as designing and installing new equipment designed to your custom specifications.

Hi-Tech is committed to maintaining cutting edge technology for your communications systems! 

Data Communications will continue to evolve and change dramatically for the foreseeable future. The challenge for most businesses and corporations today are the seemingly endless choices to achieve their Data Communications needs. Equipment, standards and technology change weekly. In house experts and employees are typically too busy maintaining what they have. The logical choice is to work with companies that specialize in Data Communications as their core business. These companies see firsthand all the new solutions and equipment on a daily basis. These companies unlike manufacturers are not biased toward solutions and therefore bring you the correct solution to your applications. One such company with this expertise is Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. If you are just beginning your Data Communications search, or if you are looking for a company like we just described, then give us a call now!


Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. has great working partnerships with a wide variety of manufacturers, but is not pressured to recommend one system over another.  The freedom to offer a variety of systems ensures that your company receives a solution that works best for you!   Some of those manufacturers are:

  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • 3Com
  • Nortel
  • Cisco