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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop
a long-term relationship with you by providing exceptional customer service and reasonably priced services and products essential to the success of your business.

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Maintenance and Warranty

Warranty and Maintenance Contracts


Hi-Tech provides a full one-year parts and labor warranty with the purchase of new equipment.  After the first year, clients are offered a reasonable maintenance contract to cover their system. 

Maintenance Contract

A maintenance contract will protect a company's investment in its telephone system and provides the following benefits:

  1. Cost effective means of planning and budgeting annual maintenance and repair expenditures

  2. Ensures protection for the most critical aspect of your business -- communication with your customer

  3. Provides peace of mind that equipment is covered with a maintenance agreement which includes a full one-year parts and labor warranty

  4. Provides a discounted rate for adds, moves or changes

  5. Ensures preferential service given similar circumstances

  6. Due to the quality of the equipment, the maintenance agreement is very reasonably priced

Protect Your Investment

  • Full one-year parts and
    labor warranty

  • Reasonably priced

  • Cost effective means of
    planning and budgeting

  • Provides peace of mind

  • Provides discounted rate
    for adds/moves/ changes

  • Ensures preferential
    service and response time


Terms and Conditions
Click here for a copy of the Maintenance Agreement Terms and Conditions.