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Our mission is to develop
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Data Communications: Security Consulting

Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. is a leader in influencing the broad strategic business and technology competencies to tackle our clients' toughest security challenges. We also help companies apply security controls and policies which contribute to their success.  This comes by helping drive new business initiatives, such as increasing innovation and collaboration while reducing compliance costs.

Our goal is protecting our clients' security focus and investments, with services that will achieve security objectives and make the most of their resources.  

Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. provides strategic guidance and technology expertise to help organizations exploit information and data to its maximum potential. We deliver innovative thinking to help clients realize their ambitions in today's information economy. Hi-Tech provides its clients with the ability to transform information into actionable strategies and tangible business results.

  • Infrastructure & Operations Security: Consultative services to increase security operations and incident response, including Security Operations Strategy and Assessment, Analysis and Design, and Management services to build an integrated security operations center.

  • Standards and Compliance: These services together translate business objectives into policies and information risk strategies, delivered through technology, policy and program development, to help meet regulatory compliance and governance requirements.

  • Virtualization Security: Security assessments for virtualized environments and new services to secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, leverage preeminent practices and established safeguards to help build secure virtualized environments through technology, policy and program development.

  • Fraud Mitigation and Identity Assurance: Our Fraud Assessment and Strategy service provides actionable recommendations for addressing and mitigating risk, and complements identity assurance, program development, risk management and other comprehensive services to help to reduce the growing cybersecurity threat to the enterprise and mitigate online fraud.