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Data Communications: Spam and Virus Filtering

While there is no virus scanner will eliminate 100% of any viruses or spam that may exist now or may be created in the future, Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. is confident that the virus/spam filtering system we have in place is very thorough. Call us today and let us give you a brief overview of our processes.


The best and most effective anti-spam solutions combine server-side and user-side measures.

Spam Filtering

Spam filtering is not an exact science. Only approximations can be made, there is no black and white method of identifying spam. It is inevitable that some spam will slip through the filters, and legitimate email may be incorrectly identified as spam. Hi-Tech Enterprises uses a system that attempts to negate the impact of potential mixing at the spam/non-spam threshold by giving the user overall control of mail filtering.

Virus Filtering

Our virus scanner will be able to identify common viruses and silently delete messages containing such viruses. Not all viruses will be silently deleted but files containing viruses will be stripped and potential virus containers will also be stripped from the message identified by file extension. Common disallowed file types are: .reg .scr .exe .pif .com .vb

Files such as Microsoft Office documents, pdf files and images should not be affected.