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Data Communications: Systems Maintenance

Is your company dealing with more than one IT Service provider? Would you like to have ONE NUMBER to call for all your Maintenance and Data Network needs? Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. provides you with the solution to your Systems Maintenance needs!

Hi-Tech Enterprises sets the new standard for simplified, cost effective, third party maintenance for most IT products.

  • Consolidating multiple service level agreements across multiple manufacturers into a single dashboard and integrated reporting tool.

  • Providing you with a single number to call for all your IT support needs, regardless of the provider delivering the maintenance.

  • Consolidating all of your asset reporting and tracking requirements into a single, secure, web-based portal.

  • Delivering an annual site audit to capture important information regarding your assets, their location, and their software status.

  • Providing the reassurance that every device is covered with the necessary maintenance policy to roll devices into a Hi-Tech Maintenance contract when needed.